Frequent Questions

1From which point in Thessaloniki can I take the boat ?
You can take it from the port and from the White Tower behind the royal theater.
2How long does it take?
The journey takes 50 minutes..
3How long before I have to be at the point?
Ten minutes before departure.
4Are animals allowed?
Pets are allowed only with a leash.
5Bikes allowed?
Yes, from Monday to Friday.
6Can a baby stroller board?
Yes, Konstantis is the only boat on the line that has a ramp. Ask for help from our staff.
7Should a group come to know before?
Yes, for your better service let us know one day before.
8Where can I find out about the cancellation of time schedules?
We announce every cancellation of our schedules on our Facebook page.
9How long does it take from the Port to the White Tower?
5 minutes.
10Who and why does it cancel routes?
The Port Authority on Public Safety cuts off the itinerary if it thinks the weather will be dangerous to navigate.
11How do I return in case of cancellations from Perea or Neoi Epivates?
With OASTH bus. Specifically, you will get the number 72 to IKEA and there you will choose the bus that serves you for the center of Thessaloniki.
12When are discounts on tickets available?
Refer to the itinerary page. Tickets.

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