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⚠️⚠️We kindly inform you that on 31/05/22 the departures from Nei Epivates at 13:45 and from Peraia at 14:00 will be cancelled. The next two routes from Thessaloniki to Nei Epivates & Peraia and back to Thessaloniki will also be cancelled. For these routes the boat Kostantis will operate for the scheduled events of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomeus during his visit to the municipality of Thermaikos. The boat will return to it's normal function on 01/06/22.

Karavakia Thessaloniki

Karavaki Konstadis

Every day beach

Karavaki Konstadis, SGS Maritime Company, began to sail from the port of Thessaloniki and the White Tower to Perea and the Neoi Epivates in 2017.

The company SGS Maritime Company to express its love for the sea and our place, created boat Konstadis, with which they can visit the beaches of the region.

From May until October, Konstadis boat connects the port of Thessaloniki and the White Tower with the Blue Flag awarded beaches of Peraia and the Neoi Epivates. At the same time it gives its passengers the opportunity to enjoy the beauties of Thessaloniki from another point of view, through a 50-minute route.

We are waiting for you to sail together to the beaches!